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MENU – Locanda del Melo 


Minestrone di verdure invernale con fregola e crema di zucca £ 6.00

(Vegetable minestrone with pearl barley and pumpkin cream)

Bruschette con pomodorini e basilico fresco £ 5.50

(Bruschette with cherry tomatoes, garlic oil and fresh basil)

Caprino dorato con spinaci novelli e condimento di cipolle rosse £ 7.00     

(Pan-fried goat cheese with baby spinach and red onion dressing)

Bianchetti e zucchine fritte con maionese al peperoncino dolce £ 6.50      

(Deep-fried white baits and courgettes with homemade sweet chilli mayonnaise)


Agnolotti di ossobuco con salsa allo zafferano £ 12.50        

(Homemade pasta parcels `agnolotti` with braised veal and saffron sauce)

Taglierini fatti in casa con granchio e zucchine £ 12.50          

(Homemade egg pasta with crab and courgettes)

Risotto con zucca e taleggio £ 11.00                            

(Risotto with pumpkin and taleggio cheese)



Parmigiana di melanzane £ 10.50  

(Baked layers of aubergine in tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil and parmesan)

Tagliata di manzo con patate schiacciate ed olive £ 14.50                

(Beef entrecote with crushed potatoes and olives)

Orata in padella con spinaci e aceto balsamico £ 14.00 

(Pan-fried sea bream with spinach and balsamic vinegar dressing)


Spinach, green beans, broccoli, mixed salad, roasted potatoes £ 3.50



Tiramisu £ 7.50               

Chocolate fondant with coconut sorbet £ 7.50

Ice-cream: yoghurt, dark chocolate, pistachio and hazelnut £ 6.00

Sorbets: raspberry, coconut, mango, strawberry £ 6.00           


N.B. Please, let us know if you have any food allergies or diet requirements before ordering. Service charge is not included. A complementary basket of bread will be offered after the order is taken, the second basket could be charged at £ 2.50.

(Modified: 07/10/2017)